Honor Piëteitstechniek

HONOR Design-Line baarwagen, begraaftoestel en spreekgestoelte
HONOR Piëteitstechniek has become a well known partner in the Netherlands (and beyond).

Since 1948, we provide our relations with a very broad set of 'tools' for use at the cemetery.
Very special products that we produce ourselves in a high tech environment with traditional care and attention.

Our vision:

Based on our expertise, HONOR aims to:
  • Be passionately and unremittingly customer oriented and extremely flexible, through stimulation of improvements and developments.
  • Excel at development, production, sales, turnkey installation and system maintenance within one organisation.
  • Be continuously active in developing and investing in knowledge, expertise and modern equipment to enable the initiation of innovation.
  • Maintain short and clear communication channels in a flexible organisation.
  • Keep a high degree of quality awareness.
  • Use integral cost management.

 HONOR product portfolio:

 • NOVUM Product Range (new!)
 • Burial apparatus/coffin lowering device
 • Biers
 • Aluminium grave shuttering
 • Grid walkways
 • Grave covers

 • Sand transport & storage systems
Means of transport
 • Autopsy room and mortuary lay outs
 • Text- & number boards
 • Vases and accessories

© HONOR Piëteitstechniek, Palmpolstraat 88, 1327 CJ Almere, The Netherlands, Tel. +31 36 521 96 05 - info@honor-pieteitstechniek.nl
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