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ARBO Inspection on locationHONOR has been servicing and inspecting equipment for years and you can have a service contract with us for this. The safety of all types of equipment is very much at the forefront of current legislation. This is, of course, logical, because it involves safety at work. There have been recent changes in the equipment inspection criteria in the Netherlands. This also involves equipment used for funerals. These changes have arisen from the Occupational Safety and Health Act (Arbobesluit) Article 7.4A and the ARBO Information sheet AI-17.

As your supplier/adviser, we consider it to be our task and responsibility to advise you about the new standards.

Occupational Safety and Health Act (Arbobesluit), Article 7.4A (inspection)

Article 7.4A contains a general inspection regime for equipment in the use phase. This involves inspections aimed at the efficient and safe operation of the equipment during use.
On the basis of the third paragraph, equipment that is liable to influences that can cause deterioration that could lead to danger must be inspected as often as is required. These types of influences include wear during use, the effect of weather or damage due to improper use.
The third paragraph does not specify how often inspection must take place.
The risk inventory and evaluation that the employer must carry out as a result of the 1998 Working Conditions Act must be decisive. A safe lower limit is an annual inspection.

ARBO Information sheet AI-17 states the following: The owner of lifting and hoisting equipment must ensure that this equipment remains safe during use. The employer must establish the risks involved during use and take measures to minimise these. The carrying out and frequency of checks during use, periodical inspection and the approval can all form a part of this.
After passing the inspection, you receive a certificate that will enable you to prove that a specialist has inspected your equipment.

Source: ARBO Information sheet AI-17, Lifting and hoisting equipment,
3rd revision – ISBN 9012098033.
Working Conditions Act (Arbobesluit) handbook, 2004 edition – ISBN 9012099471.
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HONOR can carry out the periodic inspection for the following equipment for you:

• Burial apparatus
• Shoring (per ring)
• Grid walkways
• Grave covers
• Props
• Hoisting equipment (grave shoring)
• Soil storage systems
• Stone lifters
• Portal cranes

INNO-2000 + shoring system + grid walkway
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