Aluminium grave shuttering / Shoring systems

shoring systemShuttering systems ensure that the grave does not collapse during digging, or worse, at the burial! This keeps both the gravediggers and the mourners safe.
As you already probably know, Health and Safety has drawn up rules and regulations to improve safety in the cemetery.

In the decades since HONOR first designed its system they have been closely linked to the latest technologies, mechanisation, working conditions, ergonomics, practical applications, and of course your requirements. This has resulted in the HONOR ‘stepped’ shuttering system, which is derived and specifically designed from the original.

HONOR keeps in close contact with the people using the equipment and is therefore able to combine your needs and wishes with our extensive experience that has accrued since 1948.

One of the most popular shuttering system is the user-friendly ‘stepped’ HONOR shuttering. This lightweight, aluminium system is robust and extremely strong and consists of atleast one, though usually three shuttering sections, which are very easy to use, either manually or with a mechanical digger. The number of sections required depends on the depth of the grave.

The term ‘stepped’ comes from the variation in the length and width of the shuttering sections, dimensions which take account of the limited amounts of space available. Ensuring that activities can be carried out easily and safely (manually as well as with mechanical digger), the section with the largest dimensions is dug directly into the surface of the ground. The smallest section is added last, at the deepest part of the grave.

The smallest section is the last one to be added and is also the first one to be removed. This way the grave is gradually dug deeper in stages, with each stage benefitting from the support and safety of the previous shuttering section. Filling the grave is done safely by first removing the smallest, and lowest section, and then backfilling until the soil reaches the bottom of the next section, which is then removed and backfilled, and so on until the grave is filled. Each section consists of four separate components – two longitudinal sections, plus two end sections, making it very easy to install or remove the shuttering.




top section (LxB)
2,480 x 1,040 mm
middle section (LxB)
2,340 x 920 mm
bottom section (LxB) 
2,200 x 800 mm
* Can be made to customer specifications

Available in the

following depths:
500, 600 & 700 mm

Working depths:

2 deep (with 3 sections)
1 deep (with 2 sections)


longitudinal component
approx. 22 kg
end components
approx. 6 kg

CE mark approved
HONOR shoring system

The V-ridge in detail.

The buffer in detail

The ergonomically designed, twin, integrated handles guarantee excellent manoeuvrability of the shuttering.

Small size shuttering systems are allso available.
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