The INNO-2000 coffin and casket lowering device is the ninth design manufactured by HONOR since it was established in 1948 and it is the second automatic apparatus in line.

This model is protected by international patents.


HONOR introduced the ‘Novitat’ type in the nineteen eighties, which was the first automatic coffin and casket lowering device, and with the INNO-2000 HONOR is proud to introduce a new model.
These new automatic devices now allow relatives and friends who increasingly feel the need to participate in lowering the coffin into the grave to do so. The INNO-2000 allows its operator to rely on fail-safe patented braking and conveyer mechanism.

The design allows a smooth and silent lowering action without the need for any external power supply. We preset and calibrate the descent speed in our factory and fully test the device prior to delivery.

The INNO-2000 will even further improve your service levels. This automatic device has a reliable patented centrifugal braking and conveyer system which is mounted as a separate module in the apparatus. As this module is made of stainless steel and as the centrifugal braking and conveyer system has been positioned in separate and completely sealed compartments, this model is insensitive to weather conditions and temperature fluctuations, dirt and damp levels. This means the INNO 2000 is a device you can really rely on.


Once the coffin has been placed above the grave it can easily be moved by simply applying light pressure to the foot control lever allowing a controlled lowering of the coffin. The speed of descent is constant and once the foot control lever is released the coffin smoothly stops descending immediately.

Manual operation is also possible. The casket supports with press studs mean that the supports only will release when the coffin has reached the bottom of the grave. After raising the casket supports with the hand crank, both press studs can be reconnected and the apparatus is ready for use again.

The INNO-2000 ensures noiseless and gentle lowering, is vibration free, easy to operate, lightweight, stable, sturdy, has a strong steel frame and is extremely reliable in operation.

However, a large range of accessories further enhances the features of this device. Your dealer or HONOR would be very pleased to inform you further about these matters

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